Printers Ball 2015: Push & Pull
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hubbard Street Lofts
1821 W Hubbard

Featuring Festival Guest Bryce McCloud, the Steamroller Spectacular, a large-scale public printmaking project,
round table conversations, the Printers Ball Marketplace, and more.

Printers Ball, presented by Spudnik Press Cooperative, is an annual festival celebrating print and highlighting presses, publications, projects, designers and artists that utilize printing in unique ways. Featuring the best in contemporary print, artmaking, and the written word, Printers Ball brings together artists, community organizations, publishers, students, creative thinkers and lovers of the arts from Chicago and beyond to convene for conversations, community art projects, hands-on printmaking demonstrations, readings, music, and conviviality.

Printers Ball 2015: Push & Pull gives tribute to the labor, the process, and the struggle that is elemental to exchange. At times, we pull in our community. At times we push out our ideas, our visions, and our inclinations. The interactive and engaging programs that will take place throughout the day all respond to this central question of how communities “push and pull” physically, metaphorically, and politically.